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Here I am in 2015 - a new and improved version of my former self!

Here I am in 2015 – a new and improved version of my former self!

So this is my story (abbreviated, of course).  I am a mother of two fabulous children and I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable in that area.  I am also a marketing guru. Yes, I said guru. Marketing and guru kind of go together like yogi and master, right?  Anyway,I was previously a Director of Marketing before I got laid off in one of the worst economies known to man.  Or woman, in this case!  I will tell you more about the theme ‘It is what it is’ in my next blog.  I am a Broadcast Journalism graduate of Boston University, hold a post baccalaureate in Elementary Education and I have worked for some pretty great companies.  I have written for examiner.com and I was a Mom blogger for Signature Healthcare.  I write press releases, ad copy and all that fun stuff for mostly retail clients although my portfolio is pretty diverse.  I also write poems, lyrics and short stories.  Bottom line, I love to write.  I hope to publish a book by 2017.  Please contact me at marym5229@gmail.com with comments or inquiries.

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  1. I am well beyond my teen years and I do not have children. I was also shocked and embarrassed by the performance of Miley Cyrus. I would have been very angry if I had children in the room and had to quickly turn the station. Thank you for your commentary, I was curious about how parents felt about the topic.

  2. Thanks for putting into words how we feel about Dad. This piece you wrote really captured the man that he is. As always, another great blog. You are a talented writer! I am proud of you! Keep on writing!!

  3. Hi Mary! I nominated you for two blogging awards, the Versatile Blogger award and The Sunshine Award. If you read my post, An Act of Kindness That Means So Much To Me, you’ll see your blog listed in the nominations. I love your blog! Maybe we can get together this summer.. I’d love to chat again! Ellen : ))

    • Hi Ellen!

      That is totally awesome!! Thank you so much. I love your blog also…..yes, a get-together is in order! Thanks again; I am so honored by your nomination.

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