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Hello dear followers, I have entered into a new collaboration with the fine folks at and I am sharing my first post from them!  It is about healthy eating and juicing, which you all know is near and dear to me. If you read it, which I highly recommend that you do, you will know that I didn’t write it, because it mentions a husband and I don’t have one (not yet anyway!).  However, I did make a long-term commitment to a blender and it has been a happily-ever-after juicing story.  Enjoy this piece and try the recipe!

Healthy Eating: A delicious way to keep your family healthy!


I posted a carrot-based juice recipe this past Sunday and got some great responses to it.  This makes me really happy.  It means that I’m not wasting my time blogging. Also, it means that I’m helping other families with their healthy eating!  This is really important to me; healthy eating is a lifestyle, rather than just a response to guilt from a bad week of snacking.  Juicing has been one of the ways to keep a healthy eating lifestyle maintained with as little fuss as possible.  I’d like to share another inspiration that I had yesterday.  This one comes in the form of a beet-based juice.  For those wary of the mess: just be tidy, this one’s worth it!

Healthy Eating:  Beautiful Ginger Beetroot

  • 1 beet, washed, peeled and diced to size
  • 1 apple (I prefer Granny Smith), washed
  • Between ½ and 1 whole Tbsp of fresh ginger
  • 2-4 medium sized carrots, washed and skinned
  • DRINK FRESH!  This fresh vegetable juice has no preservatives, which means the beautiful concoction you’ve just made will spoil easily.  Serve it up and make use of all those raw nutrients!
Healthy eating has never been so easy.  This particular juice recipe is sure to tantalize the taste buds of any family member.  My husband’s eyes light up almost as much as my kid’s when he hears our juicer whirring!  Honestly, I might have to start making this one by the gallon.  Beets, while they can be messy if not handled properly, are an amazing source of nutrients.  Most of us don’t get enough of these minerals in our diets and opt for daily multivitamins.  I prefer to get my nutrients from raw and whole sources when possible, so the fact that this tasty recipe helps me do so is another reason to keep making it – enjoy!
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