It is majestical, I tell you!

Majestical is a good word, right?  And it is not overused.  By any means.  Some synonyms are splendid, magnificent, noble, regal.  As in, “Dinner is served, your majesty”  Or “The reception will be held in the majestic theatre” and the person pronounces the “a” in theatre.  I received a wonderful and yes, majestic pair of earrings from Majestical Jewelry and I felt very special.  I would have appreciated any jewelry item they sent me.  Truly, their selection is gorgeous.   And we women love jewelry as a gift, right?  Even if it is delivered by the mailman!   But it was almost as if they read my mind, when they sent me the leaf cluster earrings.  I had been playing it too safely with small earrings; I needed to make a statement.  I needed to be pushed out of my comfort zone.

I am a word person so the first word that came to my mind when I opened the box was delicate.  Then feminine.  Then enchanting.  Trust me, I could keep going.  But I won’t. Even though I want to.  Then the compliments started rolling in.  “Oh, I love your earrings.” “Oh, my, well, thank you.”  “Those earrings are beautiful, by the way.”  “Oh, thank you.  They were a gift.”  Did I begin to blush?  We all love compliments, don’t we?  These earrings became a real conversation piece.  People at the bus stop and the grocery store mentioned them.  I wish I could tell you the attention bothered me but frankly, I loved it!  Only my martian wave neighbor didn’t budge but I could tell he wanted to say something!  He did a double take the other morning.

Anyway, take a moment to visit and indulge in a piece of jewelry.  If your valentine didn’t pull through, why not reward yourself with something glittery?  They have something for everyone; gemstone jewelry, charms, silver bangles.  And it’s all affordable, too.  And men, trust me when I tell you this – buy the ladies in your life jewelry.  We don’t really like those practical gifts.  Well, not as much as we like jewelry.  Until next time, glitter on and be fabulous! leaf cluster earrings - I couldn't resist photographing them on a tree - so beautiful leaf cluster earrings – I couldn’t resist photographing them on a tree – so beautiful




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