March is ‘Women’s History Month’ – spread the word!

Did you know that March is ‘Women’s History Month’?  I kind of vaguely knew this, but, as a woman, I should know this and celebrate it, right?  Well, I was fortunate enough that the folks over at Ray Price Honda out of East Stroudsburg, PA reminded me.  They had also reached out to me during Black History Month to honor famous African Americans but I simply couldn’t get my act together to share with my readers.  I apologize for that; while others were out spreading the word, I was spreading myself too thin.

That being said, here is a great poster they asked me to share of just a few famous women that have contributed to the world with their humor, wisdom or tenacity.  My favorite quote is from Barbara Corcoran of ‘Shark Tank’ fame.  She claims, “The difference between successful people and others is how long they spend time feeling sorry for themselves.”  I love this quote!  My daughter often tells me I don’t deal with loss or disappointment and to a degree, that is true.  I spend a few minutes reflecting on a difficult time and I move right on, without skipping a beat.  I am not giving out any therapy advice here but that is how I keep going and it works for me.  I like Barbara Corcoran’s style and all the women featured here and the thousands more who impact others lives positively.

Some great quotes right here....what is your favorite?

Some great quotes right here….what is your favorite?

And I have to give a shout out to Ray Price Honda and their team that supports PR programs that share insight while still out there hustling to sell cars!  It cannot be an easy day at the office, although it looks like they have some nice vehicles in stock.  If they were closer, I would stop by…..they may just give me a loaner vehicle to drive around for a week or so and blog about!  That would be cool, too!  Please take a moment to stop and reflect on a woman who has changed your life for the better!  I would love to hear some comments of who you came up with!

Calling all ladies….

Some friends of the blog from down South reached out to me for help and I think some of my readers may be interested.  Let’s give a hand to the fine folks at the University of Georgia for all the studying and hard work they are doing!  There are several issues that are near and dear to my heart and naturally, women’s issues are one of them.  And I think women getting educated is very important.  I also think a woman (like myself) should always try to help a younger woman starting out in her career.  Be a mentor.  Provide advice.  And so on.  So when I heard from a young female graduate student about a research project she was working on, I couldn’t say no.  What can I say?

The Psychology and Women’s Studies department at the University of Georgia is doing a research project entitled ‘Understanding Career Breaks’ and they need participants.  That is where you come in, dear readers.  They need you to participate.  Here are the details: They are looking for women who voluntarily left their jobs for one year or more to complete an online questionnaire about their experiences. Participants who are eligible may fall into one or more of the following categories:

– stay at home moms or caregivers
– women looking to re-enter the workforce
– those who have taken a substantial break from their jobs and returned

So please click on the link if you are interested in participating in this study  The lab conducts research on work-family conflict and women’s issues at work, so click here if you want to learn more:

This won’t take much time and I think it is for a good cause.  Support an educational project.  Keep women’s issues a priority. Keep on keeping on.  In the words of the author Isabel Allende,  “I can promise you that women working together – linked, informed and educated – can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet.”  That is a pretty lofty goal, but it sure sounds good to me!