is just awesome!

I hate to pick favorites here but one of my favorite partnerships so far is with the fine folks at  When they reached out to me about their on-line floral service, I was thrilled to put it mildly.  Ecstatic was more like it.  What woman doesn’t like flowers, right?  Please tell me you don’t know any.  But this service is really unique.  The flowers come from volcanic regions in South America.  What?  South America?  That is so internationally cool.   Even my daughter who loves the eye roll and thinks almost everything is a yawn, said, “Flowers from South America?  Now that is cool.”

So a few days before I received my bouquet, I received an email from the company and it said, “Your flowers just left Quito, Ecuador and are on their way to you.”  That brings cool to a whole new level.  I even did a quick social studies mini-lesson with my kids on where Ecuador is on the map and how Quito is the capital city.  Did you know the Galapagos Islands are off the coast of Ecuador?  Now you know I am not just another pretty face.  And it’s not all fun and games down at blog headquarters.  I am still chief, cook and bottle washer.  Remember that expression?  I will make my Dad proud using that one!  Luckily, there are no bottles to wash anymore.

My flowers from - reminds me of a Gauguin painting!

My flowers from – reminds me of a Gauguin painting!

Anyway, when the Fedex man arrived, I ran down to get my package.  He delivers many of the goodies the blog receives and this time he couldn’t resist asking:  “What did you order that had to clear US customs?”  “These are flowers from Ecuador”, I replied.  “Oh, that is cool.”  Wow, the phrase is contagious.  The flowers (pictured above) were beautiful.  I ordered the Ladybug bouquet and it had ranunculus and larkspur; red and violet flowers mixed in a lovely combination.  They were gorgeous and they lasted about 12 days which was much longer than any other flowers I have purchased.  The box they came in, the brown paper wrapping, the note inside were really well thought out.  You just have to send flowers to someone special from  It is an amazing service and they will never forget it.  Please click the link below to see what I am talking about:

Keep calm and buy Mom a T-shirt

Okay, dear readers, you must check this out!  If you have been following the blog and I hope you have, you know I frequently promote great products and services.  But today I am promoting a product created by me.  Yes, yours truly.  C’est moi!  The blog is branching out and selling products!   I am offering my very own T-shirt for Mother’s Day.  It is the first T shirt that I have collaborated on.  I hope there are many more products to follow.  Yes, I came up with the idea for this shirt!   And trust me, it is not as easy as you would think.  But it sure is fun.  Well, in a scary sort of way.  Like, gulp,  Will anyone like it?

So here is what you need to do:  Go to and get out your credit card to reserve a wonderful, high quality T-shirt for the fabulous lady in your life:  Mom!  Or buy one for yourself.  It is only $20.  The shirt reads ‘Keep calm and go get Mom’ because let’s face it, in a crisis or in happy times, who do you call first?  Not ghostbusters!  You call Mom!  Right?  Mom is on the job and available 24/7.

Now, I only have to sell 15 shirts for the product to be printed.  Well, technically, 14 because you know I will buy one.  Right?  How could I not?  But I am hoping to sell many more.  Like, in the hundreds even.  In the meanwhile, I will keep calm and let the orders roll in. The campaign will only last 3 weeks so the T’s have time to ship.  Thank you for the support.  Here is the link one more time (just in case you forgot, wink, wink

It is majestical, I tell you!

Majestical is a good word, right?  And it is not overused.  By any means.  Some synonyms are splendid, magnificent, noble, regal.  As in, “Dinner is served, your majesty”  Or “The reception will be held in the majestic theatre” and the person pronounces the “a” in theatre.  I received a wonderful and yes, majestic pair of earrings from Majestical Jewelry and I felt very special.  I would have appreciated any jewelry item they sent me.  Truly, their selection is gorgeous.   And we women love jewelry as a gift, right?  Even if it is delivered by the mailman!   But it was almost as if they read my mind, when they sent me the leaf cluster earrings.  I had been playing it too safely with small earrings; I needed to make a statement.  I needed to be pushed out of my comfort zone.

I am a word person so the first word that came to my mind when I opened the box was delicate.  Then feminine.  Then enchanting.  Trust me, I could keep going.  But I won’t. Even though I want to.  Then the compliments started rolling in.  “Oh, I love your earrings.” “Oh, my, well, thank you.”  “Those earrings are beautiful, by the way.”  “Oh, thank you.  They were a gift.”  Did I begin to blush?  We all love compliments, don’t we?  These earrings became a real conversation piece.  People at the bus stop and the grocery store mentioned them.  I wish I could tell you the attention bothered me but frankly, I loved it!  Only my martian wave neighbor didn’t budge but I could tell he wanted to say something!  He did a double take the other morning.

Anyway, take a moment to visit and indulge in a piece of jewelry.  If your valentine didn’t pull through, why not reward yourself with something glittery?  They have something for everyone; gemstone jewelry, charms, silver bangles.  And it’s all affordable, too.  And men, trust me when I tell you this – buy the ladies in your life jewelry.  We don’t really like those practical gifts.  Well, not as much as we like jewelry.  Until next time, glitter on and be fabulous! leaf cluster earrings - I couldn't resist photographing them on a tree - so beautiful leaf cluster earrings – I couldn’t resist photographing them on a tree – so beautiful