Who’s counting?

Since I started the blog, there have been many things to count.  I don’t usually get excited about numbers (unless they are in my bank book) but once I got going I couldn’t stop.  Here are some of the stats:   Since I started the blog in late August of this year, I have had over 1500 views!  I don’t know if that is good or bad.  I have been invited to join two blogging directories.  I was asked to review one product.  It was a car product.  I wish it had been cosmetics.  I have lost 10 lbs and gained back 5.  Still in the negative.  Don’t judge.   Two readers wrote in for advice.

On the home front, I have made about 120 meals …..In the microwave!  Well, that is what some of you want to hear.  The truth is some were made in the toaster oven.  Have you tried Toaster Strudels?  They are gorgeous.  There is real fruit inside.  I have indulged in 50 or more pumpkin lattes.  At D and D.  Starbucks.  Wherever they are on the menu.  Is there a stock option out there for them?  I have read 100 or more books to my son.  One Olivia book about 30 times and that puts me on the waiting list for reading sainthood.   I am not kidding.  Olivia is one weird pig!  Have you read these books?  One minute she is matching her red socks (yes, they are all red) and the next she is dreaming about the Supreme Court.  In Olivia’s dream there are 9 justices and she is one of them.  I am totally not following the plot, but my son loves the books.  So we keep reading.  He has lost two teeth and had two magical visits by the tooth fairy who, by the way, has two enormous gray wings.  Who said numbers weren’t cool?

My daughter has rolled her eyes countless times!  I lost count of how many times I responded with “Your eyes can stick that way, you know?”  My neighbor gave me a two fingered wave the other day.  Is he lazy?  Was that a blow off?  A peace sign?  A martian wave?  If he beams me up to the planet Mercury, do they serve pumpkin lattes there?  I hope so.  I guess that is ‘Peace out’ from me and oh, don’t forget to count your blessings!  I count mine every day…….