Selfies – what is this all about?

So the latest phenomenon in self portraits, if you will, is the selfie.  Did you see Geraldo Rivera’s selfie?  It was a topless version.  Um, no comment.  I don’t know how old he is  (he is 70….I googled it) but there is a certain age and place when it is appropriate to keep your shirt on.  He has passed that age.  Just saying.  He might have considered some swim trunks in lieu of the bath towel but to each his own, right?  Most selfies seem to be of the puckered lips in the bathroom genre.  Both very strange to me.  Who are you air kissing?  And why choose the bathroom for this activity?  Are you brushing your teeth and thinking, ‘Today would be a good day for a quick photo uploaded to my Facebook or Twitter account?”  You rinse your mouth, pucker, flash and upload?  Is that how it works?  No thought or time given to each step in the process or whether the final product is flattering or not?  It’s just out there.  Is that what’s important?

AOL has jumped on the selfie bandwagon and is now offering Selfie Serenity Saturdays where you can post a photo of yourself relaxing after a long, hard work week.  They are actually quite fun to look through and see all the leisure activities people are participating in.  I particularly like the pets and babies selfies although I highly doubt either one are actually taking their own photos, right?  But who doesn’t love a cute dog or baby?  On the same page was the mantra:  ‘It’s a good day to have a good day’.  I guess whether you are taking the selfie or not, that is a good message.  My advice though is to wait about 30 seconds before you post and maybe get a second opinion before posting.  I highly recommend a preteen.  They are always brutally honest and sadly, they are usually correct!!  Until next time……..proceed with caution….