Thanks for stopping by my blog on your way through cyberspace!!  Please be kind.  I am new at this!  I am a writer but not a technical person. After tonight, I am fast becoming one!  Ugh!  Good thing Bluehost has fabulous technicians to live chat with!

This blog is about parenting, single parenting, relationships of all sorts (even the ones with the Bluehost technician which is as close as I am going to come to a Friday night date tonight!) It is about fashion, women’s issues, (did I mention fashion?)  current events and just about anything fun and new and exciting.

I tend to avoid issues like politics or religion even though I follow them because people get mad at you when you don’t share the same views and well, I am a people pleaser by nature!  No, actually, I am just not in the business of making enemies or imposing any of my views on anyone.  I am a firm believer that it is what it is, right?  What else would it be? 

Please stop by often and read, comment, email, tell your friends about me and this site – the more views, the merrier, the more views, the more money I can make!!

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