It is what it is….what does that mean?

‘It is what it is’ is inspired by my brand of parenting.  First and foremost, I love my kids.  And I want them to be happy and healthy above all else.  And I mean this.  It’s not just some bogus parenting rhetoric.   And everything else in my life is secondary to their needs, including my own needs because quite frankly, this job cannot be done alone without personal sacrifice!   I am not being a martyr here.  It is not easy being Mom, nurse, homework helper, cook (who is that? asked my daughter), playmate, disciplinarian and so on.  But I decided some time ago to stop beating myself up because my floors weren’t as clean as they could be or because I cook one out of three meals a day in the microwave (doesn’t everyone??).  Because the bottom line is:  it is what it is!  There are many translations for this statement.  But my translation is essentially you can work as hard as you want and that is all you can do.  You can’t do anymore!  Does that make sense?

This type of thought process applies to more than just parenting and I am interested in lots of topics.  And I hope you will join me on this blogging adventure as I talk about all kinds of things, like, for example, Why is Anthony Weiner running for NYC mayor? or should pregnant women really post Instagram photos in bikinis?  Personally, I don’t think either of these things should be happening………So until next time!!

8 thoughts on “It is what it is….what does that mean?

  1. Mary I just finished reading your blog on your car issue and your dad. I am literally in tears here. I can see how much you love your dad just as much as I love mine. I could actually relate to what you wrote and as a reader it touched my heart. Thank you.

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