I can see again – in style – thanks to firmoo.com

Sometimes the right product comes along at the right time.  It was like mental telepathy when the fine folks at firmoo.com reached out to me to try their on-line eyeglass website.  I wanted a new pair of eyeglasses for some time. Truthfully, I have a minor lens prescription, but I have been struggling with road signs as I am driving.  It is particularly noticeable at night.  My old glasses were so dated and frankly, hideous that my vanity would only allow me to use them at night (for safety reasons, of course!) And with the holidays right around the corner, I didn’t have the spare funds to appease my vanity.  Notice I am discussing my vanity as if it is a third party acting on it’s own accord.

Firmoo.com is a user-friendly site – easy to navigate, simple to set up an account and you can upload a photo and “try on” different styles.  There are no trips to the store and since I know what I like and don’t like, the site requires no engaging with “helpful” salespeople who may or may not be on a commission, if you know what I mean.  The hardest part was choosing a frame because there are so many wonderful choices.  They have every shape, style and color.  So you choose the one that is right for you and you can have your order finished in less than 10 minutes. I am not kidding.  Firmoo.com  provides you with a comprehensive tracking system so you can actively and accurately follow the trip your eyeglasses make to your doorstep.  Then one day before you know it, you go to the mailbox and voila! – the eyeglasses have arrived.  For me, it was like an early Christmas.  The case is covered in a cool map pattern, the glasses fit perfectly and the prescription was done correctly!  What can I say?  A seamless transaction and another happy customer!

The famous or in some cases, infamous writer Dorothy Parker once quipped, “Men don’t make passes at girls that wear glasses” but I beg to differ. Well, I don’t really know yet but you can see my new look below and be the judge of that.  So get yourself over to firmoo.com and update your look.  After all, eyeglasses are an important accessory and the glasses are so affordable at firmoo.com  that you can afford to buy more than one pair!

New glasses - bolder, more stylish look. Great case too.

New glasses – bolder, more stylish look. Great case, too.



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