The ‘Mighty Mug’ is fit for a camel – even the human kind!

So I got your attention, didn’t I?  Good, that was my goal. I could have said the ‘Mighty Mug’ is mighty but that would be, well….redundant.  But it is mighty and it stands true to the claim that it will not tip over no matter how many times it is bumped into.  In my house where my rambunctious 7-year-old can knock over any drink, vase or collectible I own without even trying, this drink container is a breathe of fresh air.  And a carafe of fresh water which is another advantage to having the ‘Mighty Mug’ handy.  But I will get to that in a bit.

The company sent me their product to try and it was seamless from the beginning.  I ordered the style and color I wanted (and they have plenty to choose from – truthfully, it was hard to pick just one).  Then it arrived within the time frame promised, it was packaged beautifully and I got right down to using it.  The main selling point is that it adheres to any smooth, dry surface so it won’t ever spill.  And it doesn’t spill.  I have been using it for two weeks in a home with rugs that require regular cleaning from beverage spills and it has never been knocked over!  I even tried to knock it over several times and I couldn’t.

I could go on about all the features – BPA free, flexible straw to encourage sipping, holds hot or cold beverages, fits in the car cup holder, is durable and more but there are two things I absolutely love about this product – one, it is my new fashion accessory (plastic bottles that pollute landfills are totally passé) and two, I am drinking water again!!  And trust me, I need to drink water.  But I despised drinking it before I had the Mighty Mug.  I thought I was a dromedary.  Good word, huh?  It comes from my son’s vocabulary list this week.  Pretty sophisticated for age 7, huh? For the record, it is a one hump camel. But you already knew that, right?   The list also included the word ‘arid’ which was how my skin was feeling before the Mighty Mug.  So for those reasons and many more, I highly recommend this product. And right now until Friday, October 16th, readers can save 25% by simply using the code iteez25 at check-out.  So head on over to and get one for yourself.  You will not be disappointed!!  And if you do buy one and you love it, please hit me up here with your story. Happy hydrating!

mighty mug

My latest fashion accessory; a stylish way to stay hydrated, even for a dromedary!