Countdown to spring

Since it is snowing on the blog and snowing in New England, it is time for an update.  And since most Bostonians are pretty tired of the white stuff (everyone but my son, of course), it is time for a countdown.  Since I haven’t written in months, I would say it is time to get going again.  The reasons for the long hiatus are many and varied and frankly, not the point of this piece.  We were talking about spring, right?

So there are more or less 40 days until spring.  The groundhog claims 6 more weeks of winter so I would say he is one smart rodent (Is he a rodent?) I am not sure.  I have to google that one.  There are 3 feet of snow on the ground and 1 to 2 feet on the way.  There have been 4 snow days from school for my children.  And many more for those in the harder hit areas.  In my house, that equals two happy children eliciting endless cheers when the phone call comes to announce another day off from the difficult task of being students.  Remember when we thought going to school was tough?

Before we usher in the glorious renewal of spring, let’s enjoy the beauty of winter just a bit longer.  And while winter can create some real hardships for people and we must not forget that, most of what we complain about are petty annoyances at best.  So let’s stop counting the yellow stains in the snow.  We shouldn’t worry about the 100 or so pieces of rock salt that will not go in the vacuum.  Why does one mitten always go missing?  And why do hot cocoa packets never have enough marshmallows?  I am looking at winter now through the eyes of my 6 year old son.  He shovels snow and never seems to get cold or sore.  He can throw a serious snowball with no gloves.  He makes the best snow angels.  And the other morning when it was so frigid you could barely breathe, we both stopped and looked at the sun glistening off the snow and I said, “Zach, how beautiful is that?”  He replied, “It looks like a million diamonds on top of the snow”.  Oh, how I wish!  Enjoy each moment of this season and if you have forgotten the majesty of winter, just find a curious child, get on a sled and forget your worries for the ride!  Be safe and have a peaceful season……..

4 thoughts on “Countdown to spring

  1. Great piece Mary. Your children are so precious!

    I enjoyed a 60 degree day today and walked for an hour. I don’t miss the snow, ice, or cold!

    • Thanks Maureen! I am glad you have good weather but we certainly miss you and your sunny disposition in New England! I still smile when I think of all the fun times we had!

  2. So nice to have your blog back Mary! We all remember the fun a school day and snow brings as a child. Now it’s definitely a different story!

    • Hi Jean! Yes, thank you, good to be back! I agree that the weather now is no longer fun and games; sadly, it is dangerous and scary. Hope you stay warm and safe!

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