Great book for new parents! Win a copy!

Even though my youngest child is six years old, I never quite forgot the first days of panic and exhilaration that come with having a new baby.  Every burp or coo is reason for celebration or great concern and you can never be sure which it will be.  Right?  Remember those days?  Or if you haven’t experienced it, just wait.  I advise you get yourself prepared by talking to friends (just don’t listen to the horror stories) and more importantly, get some good reading material.

Not too long ago, I received an advanced copy of the book What’s Your Baby’s Poo Telling You?  The authors are Josh Richman and Anish Sheth, M.D.  It is cleverly labeled “a bottoms-up guide to your baby’s health”.  Those are their words, not mine.  That is a great description of what you will find inside.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure you could fill a whole book based on this concept but they did and it is packed with helpful facts and information for new parents.  It has chapters on diaper rash, supplies for diaper changing and how to hold a baby while changing them (even in an airplane bathroom, which can be very challenging).

Trust me, there is information in this book that I wish I knew when I had an infant.  I was one of those people who foolishly thought by the second child, who needs a changing table?  I spent the next year shuttling around my home either carrying or looking for the changing pad, the wipes, balm and so on.  You don’t need a changing table, but personally, I would highly recommend one.  Just saying.  I would also highly recommend getting a copy of this book.  It is an easy and fun read and you can keep it on the shelf as a reference guide.  And with as many diapers as new parents change and yes, examine what’s in the diaper for health concerns, you will need it!  Click the link below to order this book through Amazon using my affiliate code.   And to add to the excitement, I have a copy of this great book to raffle off to a lucky blog reader.  Just send your entry into the blog at and tell me in one sentence why you or someone you know wants or needs this guidebook.  Happy summer reading!  And happy future diaper changing!