Organic matcha green tea – this stuff is magic!

The blog has been on a short hiatus and now we are back and better than ever!  It has been a long New England winter and it appears that spring has sprung.  Well, sort of.  The folks over at reached out to me with a fabulous product that they sell over at  Pretty cool, right?  But this tea is not your average green tea.  This is like the Cadillac of green teas.  We know that green teas are great for us (don’t we?) but this tea comes in a powder and they say that it contains 137 times the antioxidants of brewed green tea!  Say what? How do they calculate that?  Oh, who cares?  That is potent.  Now we are talking

And here’s what else:  I always think of green tea as something you sip warmly from a mug, right?  Well, the matcha green tea powder that they sent me does so much more.  You can make smoothies.  Lattes.  Did someone say lattes?  These people are speaking my language.  You know how much I like lattes.  Matcha Butter Cookies.  Chocolate Rum Matcha Truffles.  Are you kidding me?  When you order a packet of tea it comes with a complimentary recipe book which contains over a 100 ways to add green tea to your diet.  My personal favorite is the Matcha Orange Cocktail.  It is easy to make (I love easy) and it powered me up in the morning.  I am going to need some help with the lemon matcha waffles because, well, I may be a bit culinary challenged?  My microwave doesn’t think so but those waffles sure sound amazing.

So here is the important stuff:  Click on the link below to order your Organic Matcha tea.  You will love the taste and all the health benefits.  And some more exciting news is, I am now an affiliate of amazon as well.  So every time you want to buy your green tea or any wonderful product Amazon offers, you can shop through my affiliate link Shop at! and keep the blog in business!  Thank you for your support.  Happy shopping!  Happy Spring!





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