Keep calm and buy Mom a T-shirt

Okay, dear readers, you must check this out!  If you have been following the blog and I hope you have, you know I frequently promote great products and services.  But today I am promoting a product created by me.  Yes, yours truly.  C’est moi!  The blog is branching out and selling products!   I am offering my very own T-shirt for Mother’s Day.  It is the first T shirt that I have collaborated on.  I hope there are many more products to follow.  Yes, I came up with the idea for this shirt!   And trust me, it is not as easy as you would think.  But it sure is fun.  Well, in a scary sort of way.  Like, gulp,  Will anyone like it?

So here is what you need to do:  Go to and get out your credit card to reserve a wonderful, high quality T-shirt for the fabulous lady in your life:  Mom!  Or buy one for yourself.  It is only $20.  The shirt reads ‘Keep calm and go get Mom’ because let’s face it, in a crisis or in happy times, who do you call first?  Not ghostbusters!  You call Mom!  Right?  Mom is on the job and available 24/7.

Now, I only have to sell 15 shirts for the product to be printed.  Well, technically, 14 because you know I will buy one.  Right?  How could I not?  But I am hoping to sell many more.  Like, in the hundreds even.  In the meanwhile, I will keep calm and let the orders roll in. The campaign will only last 3 weeks so the T’s have time to ship.  Thank you for the support.  Here is the link one more time (just in case you forgot, wink, wink