Some friendships never fade

I think I have mentioned here that the blog keeps changing and bringing new experiences and products into my life.  And that is why I am doing it.  That and I love to write.  Sometimes it is a product that I have never heard of and other times, it is quite familiar.  I am also interested in the people behind the products or projects.  I have heard from artists, musicians, inventors and entrepreneurs and I love that.  I cannot write about everything at once but truthfully, I am fascinated by the talented people I am hearing from.  Recently I reconnected with a good friend who I had not seen in, well, let’s just say, a couple of years.  We could say decades.  But it didn’t feel that way!  She and I were high school friends.  We started the first 10 minutes of every day of high school in homeroom together.  We couldn’t recall any of the detail of what we talked about but we carried a fondness and friendship throughout our life.  That is very cool.

Our intention of getting together was to talk about her connection with the company Arbonne and the blog gave us that excuse, if you will.  And please don’t misunderstand me because the products are fabulous and there is something for everyone but the person behind the products is what will sell them.  And if you read the stories of their sales consultants in the catalogue or online, I think you will agree with me.

Jean and I met at a coffee shop in our hometown and we couldn’t stop talking.  We laughed. We reminisced.  We tried all kinds of Arbonne products.  Jean was brought to Arbonne after an illness and she realized she needed to be more conscious of what she was putting on and in her body.   Personally, I love the protein shakes.  They come in chocolate and vanilla.  The energy fizz drinks really get you going and for me, it helped flavor my water. Pomegranate was my favorite flavor.  I was going to say fav flav.  Did I get eye roll or two?   Oh, I hope so.  I love those.  8 glasses a day….is that really possible?   Then there is make up, fragrances, lotions.  I tried the hand crème and later that evening I could still smell the delicate fragrance.  My all time favorite though was the bronzer…..gorgeous glow.  I looked like I had just returned from Miami Beach. Or Nantasket Beach.  Oh, well.  Go check out the link.  A few days after we got together I saw a sign that said ‘Coffee with friends is a really long way of saying  ‘therapy’.  I totally agree.  Thanks Jean.  And thanks Arbonne.  I only wish we were off to Algebra and could do it all again tomorrow!

Side by side in our high school yearbook; lifetime connection

Side by side in our high school yearbook; lifetime connection






4 thoughts on “Some friendships never fade

  1. Mary thank you for writing such a beautiful piece ….I actually got chills. I am so glad we were able to reconnect and loved that you are still the same friendly and kind person I remember from so long ago. I can’t wait for our next coffee date to talk about old times again but really looking forward to starting new memories!

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