Swingline Sweetheart Sweepstakes – check this out!

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear readers!  I hope it has been a day filled with chocolate, flowers and sparkly items in small boxes!  I wouldn’t be doing my job here if I didn’t tell you about the great giveaway the Swingline Company is doing.  This is not a blog post but a public service announcement!  They are giving away a pair of Christian Louboutin heels, a Rio Red 747 Stapler and a Rio Red 60x Stack-and-Shred Shredder!  Wow, that is a mouthful!  But this is good stuff.  Yes, folks, I said Christian Louboutin shoes!  With the red bottoms.  Like Carrie Bradshaw wore so beautifully on her hit show. And now one of us can, too!  Red bottomed heels and a red stapler and shredder.  See the Valentine theme here?  You can enter daily at facebook.com/swingline until February 28th.   If I win, I promise I will post a photo!  And if any of my readers win, please send me a photo!  Good luck!  Keep spreading the love today and every day!

How cool is this contest?

How cool is this contest?

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