Countdown to a new year…5..4..3..2..

If ever there was a perfect time to do a counting exercise, it is right before New Year’s Day, right?  Everyone is counting down something.  My favorites are:  the top ten songs of the year, (guess who is number #79?  No, sadly, it is not me!) and the top 10 celebrity feuds (always hilarious).  2013 has been a decent year.  My two children are happy and healthy.  I am blessed to have my two parents and one sister which equals family solidarity.  I launched one website and managed to post weekly blogs despite the countless things I had to put on the backburner to complete them.

So far, I have two resolutions for 2014 but I am not sharing either one of them.  I completed two resolutions last year (one was this blog) but somehow resolutions are too private to share.  Sorry, readers but I think you will agree.  I asked many people to share their New Year’s decrees and overall, people are seriously secretive about their resolutions. While I am not revealing some things, I will admit, this has been the hardest blog to write.  I don’t know why that is.  My best guess is because it is the last one of the year.  I feel I should say something infinitely profound so that you will continue to come back next year.  That is way too much pressure for me.  So even if you don’t think so, please come back anyway.

Speaking of resolutions, my daughter doesn’t have one yet.  At the time of this posting, she will have only 14 hours left to make one.  I hope she will consider the option of replacing eye rolls with egg rolls.  Who doesn’t want an egg roll or two on New Year’s Eve, right?  My son is planning to see more movies.  He didn’t give it a number but it will be more than 10, if we do it.  Ah, 10 more cartoons in 3D with those cool glasses.  How much will that cost?  About $198 without buttered popcorn.  Oh, who cares?  You can’t put a price on fun, right?  Tonight, we will have one bottle of sparking apple cider, eat at least a dozen pastries (don’t judge, they are the bite size ones!) and watch the ball drop from our 24 inch television.  Which way do you measure a TV?  Anyway, when Auld Lang Syne (bet you didn’t know how to spell it-me either!) is playing, I will tear up at least a few times when I think of how much I would like to stop the clock and relish each moment just a little longer.  I wish you all a Happy and Blessed New Year and I look forward to countless adventures together in 2014.

The Storyland clock contains an important message for all of us.

The Storyland clock contains an important message for all of us.  Enjoy yourself.  It is later than you think.





A penguin arrives during a snowstorm

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from the Kigs company suggesting I try a product called a kigurumi costume.   I wondered, “What is a kigurumi?” Is this (yet again) a product that I have not been informed of?  Talk to me, people.  I need to know these things.  I was intrigued.  The email described the product as a ‘Japanese style animal costume.’ This sounds like fun.  So they offered me an animal costume to try out for one of my children.  We emailed each other, my son picked the animal he liked out of a variety of choices, I ordered at Amazon and within days, there was a package at my door.  It was so easy.  And this is December, mind you.  When any number of things could have gone wrong with the item, the shipping, etc.  It was beautiful.  Magical, even.  And I am not even exaggerating.  The whole process from ordering to delivery was seamless.

So, on one of the coldest days of the year (about 20 degrees most of the day) when a snowstorm had rolled into town, our kigurumi arrives.  I didn’t know what to expect from this package but there were squeals of delight from both my kids when the penguin emerged from the snowy carton.  It is super cute.  And super soft.  It is made of fleece. And it is well made.  But what really amazed me about the kig was the transformation of the person in it.  Now I had a penguin in the house.  There was penguin talking.  Ack. Ack.  Penguin waddling.  I thought I was at the aquarium.  There was lots of laughter and joking between my kids.  Then my daughter asked, “Can I try it on?”  “Sure, why not?”  Truth be told, I thought she would think she was too old or too mature.  I was wrong.  Again.  There seems to be a pattern here!

Anyway, I highly recommend this product.  It would be fun for a sleepover or a party or just hanging out.  And it’s warm and cuddly. Cuddly is not a word I use often but it fits here.  They make them for kids and adults. The photos don’t really do them justice.  Not even my photos.  So check out the website  or do what I did and order from Amazon.  Here’s the link to kids kigurumi Amazon page: kigurumi.  They have other styles like a dinosaur, a red panda (which would have been my number one pick – just saying!) and well, go check it out.  I think this is a cool gift idea…for Christmas or any occasion really.  Go kigs!

How cute is this penguin?

How cute is this penguin?



Men’s clothing. Here is a gift idea…

Recently, I have been receiving requests to review products and/or services.  Nothing makes me happier.  Well, there are things that make me happier, but you know what I mean.  Try a product for free?  Get an exclusive discount?  Holla!  I know that expression has been spent.  My daughter told me so.  Frankly, I am not having any of it.  You need to know how excited I get about a new find – product, cool new store, cutting edge trend, a sale at Nordstrom.   I love all these things.  Who doesn’t, right?

I have just come across a men’s clothing company that mixes style with technology.  Say what?  That is pretty cool.  I don’t know about you, but I have trouble buying something unique for the men in my life.  We know they love electronics but they buy all that stuff for themselves anyway.  Right?  I purchase way too many men’s sweaters at the holidays.  And now that I think of it, I hardly see any of them wearing them.  Hmmm.  So go check out   They use phrases like heat regulation.  Non-wrinkle.  Robotically engineered.  Those are their words, not mine.  But I like it. This is serious clothing, people!  I am loving the “tech optimized” dress socks for men that fight odor.  Who wouldn’t love that?  Huh?  Ladies, think about it….your man without foot odor?  There’s something to wish for!

So anyway, this company is offering my readers a nice promotion.  If you make a purchase at Ministry of Supply, you will receive a gift certificate valued at $15 to use at  Now, this is another cool company I had not heard of.  Where have I been?  I would love one of these.  The glitter kit would be cool.  Hint. Hint.  You must use the promo code PINCHME to qualify.  Now don’t get silly with that code.  This is a retail transaction!  The promotion ends December 16th.  And one more thing.  If you are in the Boston area, Ministry of Supply is holding an open house/event on Friday, December 13th and the inside scoop is Red Sox pitcher Craig Breslow will be there from 5-6 pm.  Check out the website for details.  Very cool.  Maybe a new shirt and an autograph for the man in your life?  You can all thank me later.  Happy Shopping!