Let’s begin at the beginning

I used to work with someone who would constantly say to a client upon meeting them, “Let’s begin at the beginning”.  This would set the stage for how the company could help them and so on.  Truth be told, it got on my nerves.  Not like the sound of flip flops do but pretty close.  Maybe because she said it too often?  Maybe her voice was a shade too loud?  It doesn’t matter.  Then one day I got to thinking….begin at the beginning.  Our parents are the beginning for all of us.  My parents are my beginning.  Without them, I don’t exist.  Nor does my sister.  Or our family that continues the generations.  The past.  The future.  I know.  You get it already!

My parents are celebrating their 51st wedding anniversary this week.  I get teary eyed thinking of that statistic.  What an accomplishment.  How did they do it?  Commitment.  Love.  Loyalty.   All of these things and more?  When I think about my parent’s relationship it just seems easy and natural.  My father always lets my Mom be her own person and my mother does the same.  Well, mostly.  (Just kidding Mom!)  They are a united front.  Solid.  And they will both say marriage is hard work but I never really saw that.  Of course, I was a kid so my radar was hardly on work, right?  Or anyone else for that matter!

Anyway, I know we always talk about being proud of our children.  But we can also be proud of our parents.  As strict as my upbringing was at times, I am proud of the way my parents raised my sister and I.  They did so with consistency, values, humor (although not nearly enough!) and a blend of ‘Semper Fi’ that my Dad mixed in and the three ladies in his life just bought into.    My parents have always been faithful and respectful to one another and to their family.  And that respect just spreads to all areas of one’s life.  If you have parents like this or one parent like this or a person in your life who provides love, leadership and security, be thankful every day.  These are the true gifts.  Enjoy them.  Embrace them.  And pass them on to others.

My Mom and Dad on their wedding day.  So cool...51 years ago...

My Mom and Dad on their wedding day. So cool…51 years ago…


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    • Thank you Janet. What a great compliment! I will be sure to tell them. It is funny you noticed the resemblance. My Mom and my daughter looked exactly alike as young girls. Genetics are wild!!

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