‘Hat full of’ ……awesomeness

I saw Cyndi Lauper in concert recently.   It was amazing!  The show was the ‘She’s So Unusual’ tour and it brought me back to all my 1980s memories of girls having fun.  Fun with makeup.  Fun with clothes.   What a rush!   Big hair.  Spray colored pink.  False eyelashes.  Why did I ever stop wearing those?  I felt like Liza Minelli.  Or a Vegas showgirl.  Well, that might be pushing it.  Maybe false eyelashes and glitter blush wouldn’t work dropping my kids at the bus stop?  Hmm.  Wait a minute…the show is about Cyndi.  I lost myself in the self indulgence of the 80s.

You gotta love me some Cyndi Lauper.  She is phenomenal live!  What a voice.  When she sang ‘Hat Full of Stars’ with one instrument in the background….WOW.  It could give a person chills.  She has been nominated for something like 14 Grammys and she won a Tony award this past year for her musical ‘Kinky Boots’.  A Tony award.  That is cool.  It’s a Broadway thing.  Like a badge of honor.   And she seems so real and down to earth.  She told stories in between songs in her New York accent and she spoke to the audience like we were all her friends.  There is a genuineness about her that is palpable.

A big part of the fun was the preparation and putting on all the make up and glitter and sharing with my kids what it was like to be a part of the 80s.  The perms.  The leg warmers.  I was pulling out old pictures and showing them the styles.  My own personal Pinterest account.  Big hair.  Big shoulder pads.  Big hearts.  The 80s was all about fun and prosperity.  Cyndi Lauper gave us all girl power and a sense of ourselves!  And she is still doing it 30 years later!  She is a true artist and a true inspiration!   If I were asked what celebrity I would want to have lunch with, she is way up there on my list.  What a blast that would be!  Hey, sometimes girls just wanna have fun!  Right?


Buying the cosmetics was so much FUN!

Buying the cosmetics was so much FUN!


4 thoughts on “‘Hat full of’ ……awesomeness

  1. Great post Mary! Cyndi does have an incredible voice, and she was-and still is- a hoot! I wish I had taken more pics back in the 80s. Your kids must get a kick out of looking at your old photos. We really did just wanna have fun!

    • Thanks Ellen! She really is great. And yes, the best decade (hands down -whatever that means?) was the 80s!! See if you can dig out some photos!! Would love to see them!

  2. Great post, Mary! I love Cyndi Lauper.. My favorite is All Through The Night. The eighties were great, I agree… Except perms weren’t very successful on my hair. LOL

    • Two comments from two Ellens in one day!! I love it!! My favorite is ‘Time After Time’. Thanks so much!! Ellen, you rock with or without a perm!!

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