Semper fidelis

So I ran out of gas on a busy street this week (Rte 18 in Weymouth for those of you who know the area). Weymouth is the town I grew up in.  My car stalled with my two kids in the backseat.  I was blocking one lane of traffic and my hazards were not quite visible because of the solar glare.   It was a fairly dangerous situation so I got my kids out on the inside door while my car was shaking as each new vehicle sped by.   The 18 wheelers were particularly loud and scary.  The power of the traffic was kicking up road dust.  My son with his 5 year old enthusiasm squealed, “This is cool!”  I am thinking, ‘Oh, yeah, this is really cool.’  In my defense, my gas gauge hasn’t worked for about a year.  I have been pretty successful guessing when I need gas (up until this point, of course!)

I have AAA but my first thought was to call my Dad.  I have Dad on speed dial.  We talk or see each other every day but in a crunch I could call my Dad, Mom or sister for anything at any hour and that is one of the best feelings in the world.  But when it comes to car issues, Dad is my ‘go to’ guy.  My father is one of those ‘old school’ guys.  He is patient, logical and super easy to deal with.  He was a U.S. Marine who fought in Korea and he was a dutiful soldier.  It translated into dutiful husband and father and he has not shirked those responsibilities for one day of his life.  He wouldn’t even think of it.

Within what seemed like no time at all, he was pulling up behind me.  He must have put down his turkey sandwich and picked up his keys.  He was wearing a pressed shirt with a notepad and pen in his shirt pocket as he does every day.  He got out, had a gas can in hand and was loading the tank on the traffic side.  He sent me on my way to the gas station.  He followed me there with my kids in his car in case it wasn’t actually a gas situation.  I hadn’t even thought of that!   Always prepared, always faithful.  Semper Fi.  That is just how my father lives.   It is an honor to be his daughter and learn by his example.


My Dad as a young soldier.

My Dad as a young soldier.

Me and my Dad today.  I LOVE my Dad!

Me and my Dad today. I LOVE my Dad!