“Mad Men” obsession

Okay, I recently upgraded my cable to a bundle package.  It took me something like 2,000 promotional offers to make the leap.  I felt badly because my other cable service was fine (no complaints) and I felt like I was breaking up with someone for no valid reason.  It was all about cost and I felt cheap!  When the cable guy was explaining the features, he said, “Let me show you the ‘On Demand’ feature.”  Short of yawning, I said, “Okay, but I really won’t use it.”  Boy, was I wrong there!  Once I got over my unrealistic fear of never getting my regular television back from the ‘On Demand’ mode, I was hooked.  My latest obsession is AMC’s “Mad Men” show.  This is a show I just feel smarter after watching.  I feel more sophisticated.  And kind of cool.  Like I am in the exclusive Ad Men/Mad Men club.  Only I wouldn’t be if I were actually there.  Because I am a woman and they were mostly in the secretarial pool or cavorting with the boss!  In the show, that is. That never happens in real life, right?

I worked at a couple of ad agencies in my day (not that far back) and it captures the atmosphere well.  There are a ton of smart people who work there and they don’t stay in one position very long.  Which makes them seem unstable. To the rest of the working world anyway.   Even the mailroom person is an aspiring copywriter but then again isn’t the smartest person in a company always sorting mail?  What is up with that?

And then there is Don Draper!  How handsome is this guy?  And the writing is so sharp and smart.  Here’s an example:  Don Draper is in an argument with copywriter Michael Ginsburg.  Don says, “Don’t forget that you work for me!”  Michael replies, “I really don’t care for you right now” or something close to this.  And Don retorts, “That’s funny because I don’t think about you at all.”  Ouch.  It is that type of dialogue that makes you feel empowered, like you might be able to summon that type of comeback if given the chance.  I was feeling all sophisticated and wordy and I decided to google the show and find out more about the writers and the cast.  The first line said the showed aired in 2007.  In 2007?  I am six years late to the latest rage?!  How did this happen?  This is the last season?  I am on the cutting edge of something that is almost on the cutting floor?  That is so not sophisticated!  Until next time and my next “latest” obsession……

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