Watching what our children see

Like most of you, I have been hearing all over the news how parents and parent’s groups are furious with entertainers like Miley Cyrus (in particular) and Lady Gaga about their performances at the MTV music awards.  For the record, I did not watch the entire performance, but there is something about a young lady doing the tongue thing that I don’t like. It was a trademark look of the band Kiss and I didn’t care for that either.  But here’s one idea:  Don’t let your children watch the MTV music awards.  Then you don’t have anything to be mad about.  It’s that simple, right?

Although I agree with the premise that celebrities should be role models since young children look up to them, there is nothing in their entertainment contract that demands that type of behavior.  They are in the music business to be creative, outrageous and get ratings, reviews (good or bad – it’s all press) and sell concert tickets, albums, T shirts and so on.

Miley Cyrus twerking with a foam finger is about as classy as the mother doing a naked yoga handstand while breastfeeding.  You can call either of these behaviors good or bad but ultimately, they are both attention-seeking, bizarre acts.  I wouldn’t ask either one of these characters for parenting advice.  Nor would I condemn them for seeking media attention and getting it.  Let’s face it – some people want to see this stuff.

I would expect my children to look to me as a role model and not Miley Cyrus.  I understand the impact of social media but really?  We control the remote button.  If you don’t like what an entertainer is doing, turn them off and don’t buy the album.  To me, this is truly a case of ‘it is what it is’ and nothing more…..